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Chris Williamson’s first foray into the entertainment business was playing Dopey in the fifth grade production of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Chris remembers it as a smashing success. It was memorable for the rest of Marion Delaney Elementary school as well, since Chris wet his pants during the dress rehearsals. And announced it on stage.

Years after elementary school Chris was able to take the stage as a standup comic and performed most of his shows without wetting his pants. He went from opening shows in a bowling alley in Coram, NY to appearing at places like the Riviera in Palm Springs. He became a regular writer and guest on many radio stations around the country, creating bits and spending time on air. You may have heard him on The Howard Stern Show or as a frequent guest on "The Wakin’ Up With the Wolf Show” on Clear Channel radio, and many, many others. He eventually went on to host his own radio show on Long Island’s WGBB. Both listeners were very upset when his show went off the air.

Being a married father of two, Chris made the decision to leave his comedy road life behind and concentrate on being a family man. Thanks to that decision Chris is now a divorced father of two living in a one bedroom apartment on Long Island and is not currently touring the world.

Chris Williamson the humorist has seen his works published in places like New York’s Newsday and The Chicago Tribune. And he’s back on the road – just a little – so check back soon to see if he’s coming to a town near you.

Immature - emotionally undeveloped;juvenile;

childish;acting in a childish manner.

With Dave Chappelle. I'm the white guy.

Sitting at David Letterman's desk.